ABC Degeneracy available on Amazon Kindle and paperback

The Alphabet Gets Degenerate!

What could be more fun than learning about the alphabet and degeneracy at the same time? ABC Degeneracy introduces children to the alphabet in an easy and enjoyable format with colorful globohomo illustrations and the degeneracy that plagues our culture.


– Discover degeneracies for every letter of the alphabet.


– Prevent your child from becoming an illiterate degenerate.


– Great birthday or holiday gift for people of all ages.

– Must have for new parents, a great baby shower gift!

– Perfect for the degenerates in your life.

Available on Amazon Kindle and paperback

Trump Tweets: Best of the Presidency available on Amazon

President Donald Trump’s Twitter account was unlike any other. It was a means to bypass the media. A way to broadcast accomplishments, campaign and shape the national narrative. A method of negotiation with businesses, politicians and foreign leaders. A tool for branding, persuasion and making us laugh. It gave us a glimpse into the man himself.

This collection highlights the best of President Trump’s 26,000 tweets between his inauguration and eventual Twitter suspension.

This is the story of his Presidency.

Available on Amazon

The Dirtsheets, Volume 1 available on Amazon

The American’s American Richie Gunn is the new POW World Heavyweight Champion of the World. However, being champ has its consequences, like becoming the target of an entire roster full of modern day gladiators. Any given night, Richie Gunn may have to defend his title against the likes of the savage Samoa Ngo, resident drug dealer Sek-Sean 8 or “The Most Terrorizing Man in Sports Entertainment” Muhammad Jihad. Unfortunately for the champ, these bloodthirsty wrestlers will do anything for their shot at glory and the sold-out crowd.

Satirizing professional wrestling and the politically correct, The Dirtsheets is a graphic novel for wrestling and comedy fans alike.

Available on Amazon.

The Dirtsheets, Issue #1 is free to download below.