Richie is now on Gab!

Freedom of speech is paramount to our culture, nation and the advancement of liberty. Unfortunately, Big Tech disagrees or at least, they don’t care. This is why I deleted my facebook, my Instagram is inactive and I rarely use Twitter (there are still accounts I reluctantly enjoy following).

Gab is the only social media platform that supports free speech and I’m excited to be a part of their network. You can find me making bad jokes here on Gab.

PS. Since Instagram/Facebook’s major purges earlier this year, I have not posted any First World Problems comics. I apologize to those that enjoy my comic. However, I have since been working on a graphic novel set in the FWP universe. I hope to complete that work soon and resume regular FWP releases. BAM!

The Dirtsheets Volume 1 available on Amazon

Digital copies of The Dirtsheets, Volume 1 are now available on Amazon and Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited.

The American’s American Richie Gunn is the new POW World Heavyweight Champion of the World. However, being champ has its consequences, like becoming the target of an entire roster full of modern day gladiators. Any given night, Richie Gunn may have to defend his title against the likes of the savage Samoa Ngo, resident drug dealer Sek-Sean 8 or “The Most Terrorizing Man in Sports Entertainment” Muhammad Jihad. Unfortunately for the champ, these bloodthirsty wrestlers will do anything for their shot at glory and the sold-out crowd.

Satirizing professional wrestling and the politically correct, The Dirtsheets is a graphic novel for wrestling and comedy fans alike.

The Dirtsheets Volume 1 is a 206 page graphic novel featuring issues #1-6 with bonus material. Available now on Amazon Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.


Wet Soup Studios is the home studio of Richie Richards focusing on comics and graphic novels.

This site features Richie’s latest work including his novels, satire news and webcomics. His latest series, First World Problems, observes reactions to modern life’s challenges and inconveniences.

The Dirtsheets is Richie’s debut comic series. Satirizing professional wrestling and wokeness, Volume 1 will be released soon. In the meantime, issue #1 is available free here.