What is Wet Soup Studios?

Wet Soup Studios is the home studio of Richie Richards focusing on comedy graphic novels and comics.

Who is Richie Richards?

The creator of First World Problems and The Dirtsheets. I am also a regular contributor at Genesius Times and other fake news outlets. My latest book is Trump Tweets: Best of the Presidency.

What is FWP?

First World Problems is a webcomic where characters react to uncomfortable or challenging situations, usually fatally. It is a comic about perspective. Look for my next novel set in the FWP universe out later this year.

What is The Dirtsheets?

The Dirtsheets is a dark comedy comic series satirizing professional wrestling and wokeness. A collection of issues #1-6 is available here on Amazon.

How long did it take to put together Trump Tweets?

A long time. Donald Trump tweeted over 26,000 times during his time in office. I narrowed it down to the best 884. While working on this project, I spent many nights dreaming about scrolling through Donald Trump’s Twitter feed so you don’t have to. Get it on Kindle or paperback here.

What are Wet Soup comics?

Gags that don’t have a home with other projects.

How do you create your art?

The Dirtsheets, Wet Soup and fake news art are produced in paint.net.

First World Problems strips are made with sharpie and crayons stolen from a four year-old.