Richie Richards is an author, illustrator and founder of Wet Soup Studios. He is a regular contributor at Genesius Times. Follow him on gab.

Becky Dripdrip (she/they) is Wet Soup Studios’ Chief Executive Degenerate. When Becky isn’t punching nazis, she’s busy with her social justice activism, often involving her kindergarten students. Follow her on twitter.

Cornelius Cruise is an illustrator and a regular contributor at Wet Soup Studios. His pro wrestling blog, Trapped in Kayfabe, is updated every pay-per-view.

What is Wet Soup Studios?

Wet Soup Studios is an independent publisher focusing on comedy graphic novels, comics and children’s books. Our adult-oriented releases often feature anti-woke and anti-communist themes.

What is FWP?

First World Problems is a webcomic where characters react to uncomfortable or challenging situations, usually fatally. It is a comic about perspective. Suicitis, a novel set in the FWP universe, is available now.

What is The Dirtsheets?

The Dirtsheets is a dark comedy comic series satirizing professional wrestling and wokeness. A collection of issues #1-6 is available here on Amazon.

How many times did Donald Trump tweet in office?

Donald Trump tweeted over 26,000 times during his time in office. I narrowed it down to the best 884. Get it on Kindle or paperback here. -RR

Is ABC Degeneracy for kids?

It is a novelty kid’s book for adults.

Any upcoming releases?

Wokest Baby was released July 2022. Richie’s next Antifa-oriented children’s book will be released early this fall. Commies are going to hate it.

What is today’s homework?

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